What's in the Jar?

Can you guess what’s in the jar, whether it’s counting, randomly guessing Ghostbusters style, or closing your eyes and throwing out a number. 

We started a website back in 2010 that allowed you to guess on items and we would send them to you. We had so much success and tons of fun that we are trying it again for a new generation on TikTok. Follow us to get a chance to win fun items & cash prizes.

Where to follow?

We didn’t want to have any fine print, we just wanted to have fun and give stuff away, but unfortunately the lawyers make you do it. So, low and behold here are the rules:

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. You must be 18 years or older to enter or have parental consent to receive the gift/payment.

This contest is not sponsored, affiliated or endorsed by TikTok nor are any items in our posts unless specified otherwise.

The first person/username to guess the correct item with only a number in the comment wins that item or cash prize. Multiple guesses will disqualify you from winning. If there is no winning guess, the item will be re-posted with a greater prize and you may guess on that new post. If the winner does not respond within 48hrs, the next closest winner will be chosen.

Winners will be direct messaged within 24hrs  so be sure to follow and look for DM. Following is not required to win the prize.

The contests will typically run every 7 days or 24 hours at a time depending on how fast a winner is found.

Cash prizes will be sent VIA Venmo.

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